Michael’s Rose’s “Twin Sister?” – Dr Mary Vernon – The practical aspect of the 55 Theses

No one I have found so far explains how our metabolism works better than Dr Vernon – a GP who could not help any of her diabetic patients get well by following the “rules”. Who then became an expert in the metabolism and a leader in the bariatric field. Who now as a matter of routine and WITHOUT drugs – helps her patients (the most at risk) get well. The issue is “fuel” and how each food type is used by our metabolism.

She is disarming, self deprecating, funny and expert all in one. She has worked all of this out in the trenches of looking after people like you and me. She is not selling anything either. She wants you to be well. Here is a link to her key lecture – by starting the first video – the player loads the next 5 seamlessly. If you look below – all the slides are there too.

I was stunned also by how close she is in her world view and use of metaphor to Michael. It’s as if they are twins!

Here is part 1


Presentation by Dr. Mary Vernon at KU Medical Centerhttp://www.scribd.com/embeds/52474843/content?start_page=1&view_mode=list

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