Crohns Disease – Typical Bad Advice you get

Here is an article today that claims to be the definitive advice from the experts of what to eat.

But when you go through it – it is totally confusing.

  • Don’t eat fat – hard to digest and makes you fat!
  • Don’t eat grains – good advice
  • Don’t eat raw – good advice
  • Be careful with beans and legumes – good advice
  • Do eat more protein – but eat smaller portions – good advice

What is missing? It is a context.

Crohns is an inflammatory condition caused by agents that inflame the digestive system. Guess what is at the heart of it? Yes the modern diet. Give up the modern diet and you will get better. This is the context. It is the grains and beans and dairy that are the root. Not the fat. The modern diet.

The author just has to hang onto the fat thing and by doing that makes their advice incomprehensible.

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2 Responses to Crohns Disease – Typical Bad Advice you get

  1. Ray says:

    Genetically Modified Foods is what triggers inflammatory bowel disease in many people. I have found that a Paleo diet made up of Organic foods is a great way to go. Fasting also helps the body heal and repair some of the damage. I would highly recommend drinking raw goat’s milk. I did a 10 day milk fast, where I only drank raw goat’s milk, and it completely healed my Crohn’s disease. I would also recommend taking natural probiotics such as homemade yogurt, and any homemade fermented foods that you can make yourself. All of the store bought stuff is complete crap and a waste of time. Buy some Digestive Enzymes as well, and take them right before you eat anything.
    Grains isn’t the problem, its the Gluten and the anti-nutrients in the grains. This can be solved by avoiding Genetically Modified Grains, and to sprout your grains for 24 hours before cooking or eating. There are commercial sprouted products available online, but you will have to search diligently for them. Make sure you go Gluten Free…..Gluten is a major inflammatory ingredient that can be found in almost all breads, buns, crackers, etc… Nuts are also a known irritant because they are not properly prepared for digestion. If you love eating nuts, but you know they irritate your bowels, simply sprout them by leaving them in a bowel of water overnight for at least 24 hours….then drain them, and use a dehydrator to dry them out….once you have done this, your body will tolerate them just fine!

    • robpatrob says:

      Gluten as you say is a major problem in wheat and there is evidence in animals that GMO feed disrupts their biome. But the issue is deeper and wider that gluten alone that is only in wheat. Grains contain a number of chemical defences that affect our gut health and so drive inflammation and so chronic illness. Fermentation was long a way of reducing these chemicals

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