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Your Mind & Your Health – Part 1 – Overcoming bad environments

Most of us understand that if we eat better (whatever better means) and if we are more active, our health will improve. But few of us know that if we use our mind “better” that this too will help us … Continue reading

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How do you get control and power – Riot or take it for yourself?

Lack of power and control and low social status is a major factor in making us ill. So if we cannot change the system, how can we get more power, control and social status? This week we will look at how we might do … Continue reading

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Crohns Disease – Typical Bad Advice you get

Here is an article today that claims to be the definitive advice from the experts of what to eat. But when you go through it – it is totally confusing. Don’t eat fat – hard to digest and makes you … Continue reading

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Your Baby – Bathtime – What is safe? – Novel Environments

My grand daughter Sophia when she was very little not so long ago. Bath time is the best part of the day for babies and parents. Little did I know what might have been going on. What is in the … Continue reading

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Diet – What you need to know based on your heritage

Thesis 50 reminds us that if you are a person with a heritage that is adapted to the agricultural diet – say from Western Europe – then you can do quite well on the Agricultural diet for a while. 30 … Continue reading

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Diet – Where your ancestral heritage is important

Surely we must have adapted to agriculture by now? The answer is no and sort of yes to that question. It depends on what your ancestral heritage is or how long you have been exposed to agriculture. Let’s take dairy. … Continue reading

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