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The Town of Allopath – a parable of the 55

Is Michael the wise man in the forest? Who are you in this story?

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What foods did we evolve to eat?

“Great Apes and the Evolution of Human Diet” by Craig Stanford, PhD from Ancestry on Vimeo. Here is Craig Stanford Director of the Goodall Institute talking about primate diets as a context for what our Paleo diet might have been … Continue reading

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The Full Lindeberg!

“Food and Western Disease” by Staffan Lindeberg, MD, PhD from Ancestry on Vimeo. Here are his slides – here is the link to his website. AHS Slides_Staffan Lindeberg View more presentations from Ancestry

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Ancestry Foundation – A great centre of information – Videos from the conference

Earlier this month, the Ancestry Foundation hosted the first of what will be many conferences on Health as seen through the perspective of Evolution. Here is the link to the many¬†excellent¬†videos Here is the link to the slides and here … Continue reading

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Lierre Keith – Michael Rose from the Other side

When you hear a great idea told by very different people – it hits home even harder. Here Lierre Keith demolishes the Vegetarian myth – she was once a Vegan and adds power to Michael’s position.

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So when will you lose your health – Part 5 – What to do

As we all worry about the current fiscal situation – this is the time bomb. As so many of us age AND as so many of us who are not that old, get sick from the diseases of Modern Civilization, … Continue reading

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