So when will you lose your health – Part 5 – What to do

As we all worry about the current fiscal situation – this is the time bomb. As so many of us age AND as so many of us who are not that old, get sick from the diseases of Modern Civilization, the costs of healthcare rise beyond the capacity of any nation to fund.

When the Boomers at in their 80’s, Medicare will cost the entire tax capacity of the US.  Of course it won’t, for we will be bust before then.

Many will demand that we get more efficient.

But this trend is unstoppable. And of course it’s not just aging.

42% of us are likely to get cancer. With 30% with Type 2 Diabetes, what will this be like in 20 years time. There are problems at the other end of the the population too. 20 years ago the Autism rate was 1 in 10,000. Now it is 1 in 160. Nearly one percent of the American Population will be unable to cope. And there is no reason to think that this trend will slow down.

So what to do? I think that our first step is to do all that we can to take care of our own health. Reduce the risk of illness and bankruptcy from our own lives. I am finding that my own example, is helping some of my friends take the same action. I have not been able to argue a single person into this. You my dear readers are the choir – it is our friends and family and colleagues that will not act if all we do is make the case.

I am finding that being the change is the best way. Once enough of us exist, then I think we will have enough power to persuade. What about at work. Health costs are killing your employer as well. What about at the state level? If some key workplaces, move then the power will build further. Then some states can move.

Then we will change the system. Then we will have the power to defend ourselves from those who make billions from making us ill and by treating our illness.

So this is very personal. By saving yourself and those that you love, you set in motion the forces that might make this apocalyptic future a lot better.

Good luck




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4 Responses to So when will you lose your health – Part 5 – What to do

  1. Cromulent says:

    Yes, the first step is to take care of ourselves. Second step? Stop voting for yahoos who promise to spend more of our children’s money on us. Third step?

  2. Katherine Waudby says:

    I am so delighted to find this blog, and discover Lierre Kieth. I have now ordered her book The Vegetarian Myth. I started a stoneage diet about 6 weeks ago, because after thinking very hard abut why I was over-weight and type 2 diabetic, I realised it was not just sugar but agriculture which has damaged me. I am a very active, hill-walking woman but I ate the wrong things. Too much grain in the form of bread was making me ill. My husband read the article in New Scientist (6th August 2011) because he realised Michael Rose was reaching similar conclusions. It is wonderful to learn that there are others thinking about this. I feel it is virtualy impossible to stop the huge agrichemical companies in their systematic destruction of the planet but if we all begin with our own health and speak about this whenever we have the opportunity, maybe a revolution will grow.
    In six weeks, for anyone who wants to know, I have lost 14 pounds, by cutting grain (except for basmati and wild rice) and milk from my diet. I feel better and my shape has changed. My midriff is flatter. I intend to remain on this pseudo-stoneage diet (I cannot be as accurate as I’d like) for the rest of my life.

  3. Katherine Waudby says:

    Please excuse my dreadful spelling – it is mainly due to haste not idiocy.

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