The Complete Context for the Obesity Epidemic

Dr Eenfeldt at the Ancestral Health Symposium in 2011 – A brilliant over view of what happened to make us so fat in only 27 years and what we can do to turn this around. More on his blog here

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4 Responses to The Complete Context for the Obesity Epidemic

  1. Russ says:

    very good lecture but… I just can’t stand it when I see these ridicules pictures of a Ape morphing into a Man. I realize there are different beliefs on this topic but as a believer in God and that I am wonderfully and perfectly made in his image, it’s just bizarre to me to look at this picture. I think the hunter/gatherer hypothesis on diet does make a lot of sense and I have no problem accepting this along with knowing that I am created in Gods image. Just thought I would share my 2 cents since I don’t see this topic talked about much.

    • Tenn says:

      Russ, It’s probably because you are raised with that believe and never ever questioned it. Maybe you should try and see what comes out of it and not just take what you learned since a kid for granted.
      If you where born elsewhere you would probably believe in something else..
      Science or as this lecture show is that if you start question what is taken for granted you might find some other answers that also seem reasonably.
      You can still believe in god if thats what you find is right, but it doesnt mean that science or evolution is wrong. Maybe evolution was built in to his plan as well. Just don’t be so narrow in your mind dbecause you are born with certain aspects of life.

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