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Get your child outside!

We are designed to spend a lot of time outside. I am 61. When I was a kid, I was inside only for class or sleeping. Today few kids spend almost any time outside. Why most don’t have enough Vitamin … Continue reading

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The Exercise Myth – Strength and Activity

From Chris Highcock’s wonderful short PDF book which you can buy here. Chris’s book opens with the best context for Fitness and its link to health and how we grow old that I have yet seen. This site has talked … Continue reading

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Dr Terry Wahls on how she defeated MS and how we can get our health back

If you only see one video – this would be it for me

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Family Dinner – the best first step we can take to be healthy and have great kids

For millions of years, we sat around a fire and eat meals and told stories. Laurie David reminds us of the power of this process to get our health back and to restore the health of our families as social … Continue reading

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“Cancering” – It’s all about systems not one thing

An exceptional piece that sheds light on the systemic issues related to Cancer. As Michael points out in the 55 is the flaw in how we approach science – reductionism – this video shows how different medicine will be. Dr … Continue reading

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The Link between what we eat and our health

We are what we eat – a great film on this link

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What foods did we evolve to eat?

“Great Apes and the Evolution of Human Diet” by Craig Stanford, PhD from Ancestry on Vimeo. Here is Craig Stanford Director of the Goodall Institute talking about primate diets as a context for what our Paleo diet might have been … Continue reading

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