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Diet – What you need to know based on your heritage

Thesis 50 reminds us that if you are a person with a heritage that is adapted to the agricultural diet – say from Western Europe – then you can do quite well on the Agricultural diet for a while. 30 … Continue reading

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Diet – Where your ancestral heritage is important

Surely we must have adapted to agriculture by now? The answer is no and sort of yes to that question. It depends on what your ancestral heritage is or how long you have been exposed to agriculture. Let’s take dairy. … Continue reading

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Are you at risk of getting ill? Yes when we get older

My son who is 31 likes what he sees in how I have changed but is having trouble with giving up modern foods for himself. Especially beer! I told him that, as a Scot – he is a Celt and … Continue reading

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Michael’s Recent Interview

Michael is interviewed by Jimmie Moore on how Evolution plays such a role and also on how diet is so important. Here MR¬†summarizes¬†the key factors of the 55 in a few minutes.  

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We need the best fit to our ideal social status as well as to our ideal diet

America spends far more than any other nation in the world on healthcare and yet has the health outcomes of a nation like Cuba. What is going on? Why might this be? If you live in Louisiana you are much … Continue reading

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Sir Michael Marmot to expand the Whitehall Study to look at why we “age” differently

Marmot’s Whitehall Study is a longitudinal study that has studied the effects of social status on health. He used as his sample a large number of well educated British Civil Servants – Hence “Whitehall”. A key finding has been the … Continue reading

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Thesis 13

Thesis #13 – The declining forces of natural selection lead to an evolutionary failure to establish the genomic information required for tuning the complex networks of life well enough to provide a high level of health indefinitely; there is no … Continue reading

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