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Your Baby – Bathtime – What is safe? – Novel Environments

My grand daughter Sophia when she was very little not so long ago. Bath time is the best part of the day for babies and parents. Little did I know what might have been going on. What is in the … Continue reading

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Diet – What you need to know based on your heritage

Thesis 50 reminds us that if you are a person with a heritage that is adapted to the agricultural diet – say from Western Europe – then you can do quite well on the Agricultural diet for a while. 30 … Continue reading

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Diet – Where your ancestral heritage is important

Surely we must have adapted to agriculture by now? The answer is no and sort of yes to that question. It depends on what your ancestral heritage is or how long you have been exposed to agriculture. Let’s take dairy. … Continue reading

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Aging – What is it and why you can avoid it’s ravages

What is aging? Is the deterioration we see inevitable? Are the diseases that come with age all part of the process? Is it inevitable that we get sick and decrepit as we get older? On the surface it looks as … Continue reading

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Thesis #1

Thesis #1 The biological fitness of a population is the average net reproduction of its members, which in turn is determined by their capacity to survive and reproduce; biological fitness is at the core of health. The starting point of … Continue reading

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Thesis # 2

Thesis #2 – Natural selection reliably produces high levels of biological fitness, and thus good health, only under the environmental conditions in which it has been acting for many generations. A common caricature of evolution by natural selection is that … Continue reading

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Thesis # 3

Thesis #3. Health and adaptation thus reflect the action of natural selection on a population in its previous environments, not its present environment, when these differ. For the purpose of re-founding medicine scientifically, theses 2 and 3 direct us to … Continue reading

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