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Thesis # 2

Thesis #2 – Natural selection reliably produces high levels of biological fitness, and thus good health, only under the environmental conditions in which it has been acting for many generations. A common caricature of evolution by natural selection is that … Continue reading

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Thesis 11

Thesis #11 – If the forces of natural selection are strengthened during later adulthood, improved later health will evolve if natural selection is not impeded by very small population sizes, environmental change, or an absence of heritable variation. There are … Continue reading

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Thesis 12

Thesis #12 – Aging is a pattern of declining or de-tuned adaptation that is correlated with adult age only because adult age is at first strongly correlated with declining forces of natural selection. We have all seen sunrise and sunset.  … Continue reading

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Thesis 13

Thesis #13 – The declining forces of natural selection lead to an evolutionary failure to establish the genomic information required for tuning the complex networks of life well enough to provide a high level of health indefinitely; there is no … Continue reading

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Thesis 14

Thesis # 14 – Aging hypotheses based solely on supposed universal imperfections of molecular, cell, or organismal physiology are wholly falsified by the existence of biological species that do not exhibit falling average rates of survival and reproduction among large cohorts … Continue reading

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Thesis 17

Thesis #17 – When such trade-offs arise from antagonistic pleiotropic effects of genetic variants, they sometimes maintain genetic variation for functional characters, and thus selectable genetic variation for patterns of aging. There are two kinds of trade-off which are important to … Continue reading

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