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The most important social environment to get right – the family

Michael Rose is clear – the closer we can live in environments that we have evolved to thrive in, the better off we will be. No environment has more of an effect on our well being than our family. For … Continue reading

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Sir Michael Marmot to expand the Whitehall Study to look at why we “age” differently

Marmot’s Whitehall Study is a longitudinal study that has studied the effects of social status on health. He used as his sample a large number of well educated British Civil Servants – Hence “Whitehall”. A key finding has been the … Continue reading

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Thesis #1

Thesis #1 The biological fitness of a population is the average net reproduction of its members, which in turn is determined by their capacity to survive and reproduce; biological fitness is at the core of health. The starting point of … Continue reading

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Thesis #4

Thesis #4 Natural selection results in the evolution of good health only when there is sufficient heritable variation affecting survival and reproduction. Natural selection accomplishes nothing without an adequate and appropriate supply of genetic variation on which to act.¬† That … Continue reading

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Thesis #5

Thesis #5 ¬†Natural selection produces good health only when population size is large enough to overcome genetic drift; inbreeding reliably impairs health in outbreeding species. Many members of the human species have a great propensity to mate with other humans.¬† … Continue reading

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Thesis #6

Thesis #6 Natural selection produces good health only when new deleterious mutations are rare or small in magnitude; very few novel mutations will have large and generally beneficial effects, in an environment to which a population is well-adapted. Mutation is … Continue reading

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Thesis #7

Thesis #7 Natural selection will sustain nucleotide sequences that foster biological fitness however numerous and however indirect their benefits, making the genetic foundations for the evolution of health genome-wide and complex. The kinds of experiments that most biologists favor involve … Continue reading

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