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The Great Return – Part 4 – The Inquisition and why it always fails

First they ignore you – then they laugh at you – then they fight you – then you win. Today I am going to explore how we are about to experience all of this as we see the power of … Continue reading

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The Great Return – Part 3 – The Rules of the New World#2 – A Vision

This post is written in July of 2011 – The Murdoch New Empire, the Police in the UK and the Tories in the UK are being rocked. I think that we are living through a period where the Network is destroying the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Michael Rose’s 55 Theses – A New Context for Health

Introduction Welcome to Michael Rose’s 55, an overarching context that will enable you to use nature’s rules to make sense of your health and take action to make your life much better. You will do this by changing how you … Continue reading

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